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Protection of privacy


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Declaration of Confidentiality

Guidelines based on the Telemedia-Regulations (TMG-E)

We take seriously the protection of personal data obtained by collecting, distributing, and utilizing such data while visiting our homepage. Your data is protected by the laws governing confidentiality of such data.  In the following sections, you will be informed as to which personal data may be collected during your visit to our homepage and how these may be utilized:

1. Collecting and distributing data
No personal data about the visitor is stored by our website. Each visit to our homepage and each download of files is recorded. This record serves system-related and statistical purposes and includes the following data: name of the file downloaded, date and time of downloading, amount of data transferred, confirmation of success of downloading, and web browser and domain of user. In addition, the IP address of the visitor’s computer is recorded.  Additional personal data are only recorded if the visitor explicitly agrees to this, for example, in conjunction with a Questionnaire or Registration.

2. Utilization and transmission of personal data

Personal data provided to us with the visitor’s agreement will only be used for answering your questions, for processing contracts or orders, or for technical administration. Your personal data will only be transmitted to third parties when deemed necessary for processing contracts - for example, when processing an order, data will be transmitted to distibuters -, for billing purposes, or when you have otherwise given explicit permission. You may at any time revoke this permission for future transactions.
Stored personal data will be deleted when you revoke permission, when your explicit permission for a particular purpose is no longer required, or when continued storage of your data is no longer legitimate.

3. Right to information
Upon written request we will gladly provide details of the personal data stored in your case.

Security notice
We will do everything technically possible to ensure that personal data is not inadvertently transmitted to third parties.  However, as in the case of email transmissions we cannot guarantee the security of personal information, we strongly recommend that sensitive data be transmitted by normal mail.